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Relaxation of body and mind 


Pierres zen
Eaux brumeuses

Kobido means "Ancient Way of Beauty"

(KO: Ancient, BI: Beauty, DO: Way).


This Japanese facelift is an ancestral anti-aging massage which at the time was exclusively reserved for the elite. Descended from Amma (ancestor of shiatsu), passing through India, China and Japan, the Kobido was born in 1472 during a competition of Kyoku-te (percussion with the folded hand), between the two greatest Masters south of Mount Fuji.


It is the most sophisticated facial massage in the world. Its technicality and beauty make it an exceptional Japanese art. 

It is highly valued around the world for its aesthetic benefits.

Renowned for being a rejuvenating massage par excellence, the softness of the rhythm and the regularity of the gestures ensure a feeling of deep relaxation and bring life back to dull, tired and aged faces. 

100% natural, Kobido acts on sagging skin and helps fight the signs of aging. 

A session of Kobido® refreshes the features, gives radiance to the skin, reinforces the vitality of the skin, and erases the effects of stress. The face is hydrated, toned and energized.

It acts in depth on the skin and helps to circulate and balance the vital energy (KI in Japanese), by its particular gesture which combines soft and tonic movements which provide relaxation, relaxation and immediate well-being.


In Japan, beauty is seen as the overall reflection of an ideal balance between physical, emotional and spiritual health. The beauty of can be separated from well-being and good health. This philosophy leads us to harmony and balance, yin and yang.

"Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment. Fully alive, fully aware."

Thich Nhat Hanh

massage crânien

Authentic Kobido® massage is a precious Japanese facial massage that improves comfort and health.

Kobido techniques have the advantage of being suitable for all skin types.

Regular practice slows down skin aging, redraws the oval of the face, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, promotes the production of the collagen, reoxygenates the epidermis, reduces les wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, improves skin texture, relaxes the muscles of the face and neck and brings deep relaxation.

It boosts and energizes the body.

It acts on all levels, promotes letting go and helps to reconnect with your whole body, mind and the world around you.

It is a moment of relaxation, of an inner journey that allows you to refocus.

  • Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation

  • Eliminates toxins, detoxifying and draining effect 

  • Fight against expression lines and fine lines

  • Brighter complexion, harmonizes the condition of the skin

  • Rejuvenating, remodeling and anti-aging effect

  • Firms and tones the skin

  • Decongests the tissues, reduces bags under the eyes 

  • Improves muscle tone, redraws the oval of the face for a lifted and toned effect

  • Promotes the natural production of collagen and elastin

  • Eliminates stress by relaxing the muscles of the face and neck

  • Releases and promotes the circulation of vital KI energy


Thanks to authentic techniques and gestures with multiple variations combining percussion, pressure, vibration, stimulation, kneading, smoothing and alternating different intensities: deep, soft, light, intense, delicate, fast, slow, hot, cold in order to create movement . It is practiced on the face, from the head to the neck to the shoulders with oil. The tissues will be heated, stimulated, drained and rehabilitated in order to plump up the face, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and provide a radiant complexion. This complete natural lifting treatment has a deep action on the skin, muscles and bones and helps re-energize the body and mind. It is a dance that is played with the dexterity of both hands mixing the air and the space that surrounds us to offer us a pure moment of relaxation and relaxation. 

After a Kobido® massage, you feel relaxed, freed from tension. We are ready to resume our activities! The whole face is relaxed and has been massaged: eyelids, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, cheekbones, nose, lips, oval of the face.

The volumes of the face are redesigned, the skin is firmed, the cheekbones are plumped, which gives a real impression of a natural lift.

The good-looking effect can last several days to a few weeks because the blood has irrigated all the skin. The skin is thus oxygenated, microcirculation revived and the complexion clearer. The quality of the skin improves.

Each session is personalized and will act on your face: luminous complexion, firmer tissues, raised cheekbones, open eyes, redefined facial oval, refined neck and liberated smile.


KOBIDO, the art of the Japanese facelift

  • Lifting treatment / 1h  ........ €80

  • Radiance treatment / 30 min ..... 50€

  • Cure 5 sessions ..... €350  

The first session lasts on average 1h15 in order to exchange and establish a personal assessment.

About me 

My name is Karine Turco

華凛  智由屡光 


I am a certified Kobido Practitioner after several months of intense training with Master Sandrine Takumi Finch at the Takumi Finch Institute in Bordeaux.

A very enriching training, a rigorous teaching, a unique and exceptional know-how transmitted with passion and kindness.

Kobido is a Japanese art at the service of well-being and health in its entirety. 

Each massage is personalized because the skin has different needs depending on the person, the seasons and the moments of each person and life.

The art of touch is a subtle blend combining the intensity of anchoring oneself in the present moment, the precision and intention of the gesture as well as the very special attention that we pay to each human being.


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Phone: 0699591005

25000 - Besancon


Thanks !

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